Crisis management procedures | Crisis management and communication | Transportation

Preparing organisations to cope with crisis situations.

Our mission

Several French airports – already equipped with operational procedures for crisis management -wanted to address crisis communication through monitoring, alerting and communication processes adapted to their specific risks.

Our support

  • • Defining crisis communication procedures;
  • • Interviewing key players;
  • • Identifying specific issues;
  • • Defining a cooperation method between headquarters and branches;
  • • Setting alerting criteria;
  • • Creating communication tools (including digital)
  • • Drafting arguments guidelines on key issues to anticipate crisis;
  • • Organising real-life conditions crisis exercises to test multi-site procedures and train relevant employees.

Key results

  • • Communication protocols tested in real-life conditions and aligned with operational procedures;
  • • Ready-to-go key messages to be used within the first minutes of the incident;
  • • A well-prepared and confident team.
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