Crisis management and communication | Consumer goods

Organising a major product recall due to a quality defect.

Our mission

The client was faced with a quality issue which – despite the absence of sanitary risk – triggered an important backlash from both consumers and elected officials. The objective was to minimise the potential impact on sales and reputation.

Our support

  • • Setting up a large-scale recall operation supported by a free hotline;
  • • Cooperating with public authorities to alleviate health agencies’ concerns and overseeing the communication plan;
  • • Setting up a dedicated press office addressing communication needs in real time;
  • • From the very beginning of the crisis, interviews and press releases to bring reassurance;
  • • Followed by a progressive withdrawal from the media to limit the company’s exposure;
  • • Communication plan and interviews organised after the “hot” phase of the crisis, to prove the company’s commitment.

Key results

  • • Sales bounced back (+4%) after only 2 months;
  • • Media acknowledgement of the company's open and responsible response.
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