Monitoring & Analytics | Public bodies

Building a decision support tool through the of analysis of the opinion.

Our mission

Helping a key Ministry evaluate the perception of its actions through social media as well as identifying key topics which the Minister should address and/or might be asked about.

Our support

In close cooperation with the Ministry’s monitoring team, CNTVRS analysts perfected a methodology tailored to its very specific requirements. Our team regularly fine-tunes the quantitative analysis tools, guaranteeing access to key data relevant to the scope.

  • • Producing a daily in-depth analysis of social media activity as well as media coverage on topics of interest;
  • • Highlighting the crucial data thanks to the identification of key influencers and Boolean queries;
  • • Detecting emerging and / or sensitive topics regarding the Ministry’s action;
  • • Support in the event of a crisis situation, 24/7.

In the context of this mission, CNTVRS communication experts have provided counsel to the Ministry as well as communication guidelines to handle specific situations.

Key results

  • • In-depth knowledge of opinion trends in relevant spheres;
  • • Quantified analysis of how the ministry’s actions were received, used to define strategy;
  • • Constant monitoring of the most sensitive topics, allowing for tailored support;
  • • Early identification of sensitive topics before they gained visibility;
  • • Guaranteed detection of potential crisis as soon as they emerged;
  • • Relevant counsel.
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