Why Controverse?

Because a controversy is a fruitful debate that can solve a conflict and / or help make an informed decision.

Because controversy does not equate opposition, and that restoring the true significance of words and ideas is at the core of our mission.

Why without vowels?

Because allowing the others’ imagination to fill the gaps is essential to stimulate their mind.

Because we create the consonants and shape the meaning with our clients.

Opinion mining and strategic counsel agency

" Today’s public opinion is
tomorrow’s law "

" Create debate to
shift the lines "

Controverse is an opinion mining and strategic counsel agency, born out of a double conviction: today’s public opinion will eventually turn into law, and the only way to shift lines is to make fact-based debate possible.

A proven analysis methodology rooted in data-collecting tools and analytical expertise, supporting the decision-making process.

The ability to create and orientate the debates that are useful to our clients’ objectives.

  • Deciphers opinions that matter to our clients;
  • Develops strategic roadmaps to help our clients achieve their goals;
  • Defines fresh angles and ways to shift perspectives;
  • Identifies relevant contacts to mobilize;
  • Prepares communication materials;
  • Implements the defined campaigns.

Controverse is a certified training organization that provides media, public speaking and crisis management trainings, as well as crisis mock exercises.



Diligence, responsiveness, customer-centric service



Analysts, strategy consultants, public affairs and communication consultants, copywriters, training experts, crisis specialists.



Sciences Po (Political Science), Public Affairs, Law or Political Science degrees.
Fluent English spoken

Crisis DNA

high reactivity H+1 24/7

Case studies

Minimising oppositions and securing reputation in a sensitive context (post Covid-19)

Create support for a transformation plan

Preparing organisations to cope with crisis situations

Supporting an international group in the daily management of its sensitive issues and crisis

Organising a major product recall due to a quality defect

Building a decision support tool through the of analysis of the opinion

Obtain a favourable public decision by pushing an issue on the public agenda

Making the voice of a company heard in a public decision-making process

All our cases

Excellence, reliability, boldness